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What Happens If You Don'T Take Your Asthma Pump

If you're asking if you can hurt your heath by abusing a drug which you do not need without being under the care and supervision of a physician... Of course you can ;. As with medications in general, you do not receive the intended benefit, and you may have adverse effects. If the inhaler is a beta agonist, it may trigger cough, palpitations, and shakiness. If it is a steroid, it may lead to thrush, a yeast infection of the mouth.

Shelly Cole. Albuterol might cause transient increase in heart beat. An inhaled steroid wouldn't cause any short term effect (maybe thrush /yeast in your mouth if you did it wrong). In general asthma inhalers are very safe. They are designed to help people with contracted airways in asthmatics. If you don't have that you shouldn't expect to see an effect.

How To Treat Asthma And Allergies - Discount Place

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