Polish Pickup "Guilty Pleasures" May 2021

*Products shown were provided as press samples in exchange for photos and feedback. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*

May's Polish Pickup shop is filled with comfort, joy, indulgence, and so many more Guilty Pleasures! I'm absolutely loving this theme! It feels like were getting a tiny peek into each maker's life at home we wouldn't normally get to see. All of the products shown here and many more will be available to pre-order Friday, May 7th, at 11am Eastern through Monday, May 10th, at 11:59pm Eastern only at PolishPickup.com!

On a side note, Wix has updated their blog interface and it is absolutely destroying the quality of my photos right now for some reason. I'm working to figure it out, but I very much apologize for the inconvenience.


BCB Lacquers

"Grimms Fairy Tales"

Price: $13.00 | 200 Cap

Inspiration: Grimms Complete book of Fairy Tales.

Description: "Grimms Fairy Tales" is described as a red/orange/gold shifting polish with red shimmer and holo. Shown in 2 coats, plus gloss and matte top coats.

Thoughts: I'd like to wish a warm welcome to the fabulous Brittany of BCB Lacquers to her very first Polish Pickup! And, wow! What a way to start! This is such a gorgeous, sophisticated polish with a wonderful formula. Application was easy and controlled with little to no visible brush strokes. The shift of the shimmer is super strong and looks great when both glossy and matte.

Find more from BCB Lacquers: bcblacquers.com


Cuticula Nail Lacquer


Price: $12.50 | No Cap

Inspiration: Avril Lavigne's song 'Complicated.'

Description: "Complicated" is a black jelly base with pink-green-gold shifting iridescent flakes, red metallic flakes, and a sprinkling of silver holographic flakes and galaxy glitters. Shown in 3 coats, plus Cuticula's Limitless and Cloud Cover top coats.

Thoughts: Is it still nostalgia month or is it Guilty Pleasures? Cause this one takes me back y'all! lol. It's a perfect flakie packed jelly that hit the inspiration right on the head! Application was super smooth and easy, and coverage builds nicely. Between the super shifty flakes and bright holo glitters, such beautiful depth is created by the black jelly base. This is very nice when matte as well.

Find more from Cuticula: shopcuticula.com


Fair Maiden Polish

"Sugar High"

Price: $11.00 | No Cap

Inspiration: Sour Patch Watermelon candy.

Description: "Sugar High" is a warm toned bright pink with copper to rose shimmer and gold-pink-violet shifting iridescent flakes. Shown in 3 thin coats, plus gloss and matte top coats.

Thoughts: Before I knew what the inspiration for this one was, I totally got watermelon vibes from it! So major kudos to the Fair Maiden ladies for nailing the inspiration. Application was very easy and controlled with the dense flakes laying down beautifully. The jelly base does sit naturally sheer, but it's loaded with flakies that create opacity. I opted for 3 thin coats, but if you like more VNL, coverage is perfectly smooth and even with only 2 coats. This polish is gorgeous when matte as well.

Find more from Fair Maiden Polish: fairmaidenpolish.com


Glisten & Glow

"Purple Rose"

Price: $12.50 | No Cap

Inspiration: "Purple Roses have been a long-standing guilty pleasure in my family for many years. My grandmother would buy herself one purple rose every month just to brighten her day! Her favorite color was purple and she just loved how unique and special they were. When she passed in May of 2006, we adorned her coffin with them. Yearly on the anniversary of her death all of the women in my family get a purple rose in her honor on that day." - Jill, Maker

Description: "Purple Rose" is a vibrant purple mega linear holographic polish with an intense rainbow and blue flame. This polish can be worn in 2 ways: 1.) Add a top coat and deepen the beautiful strong holo flame to a stunning blue holo flame, creating an amazing color shift to a more vibrant blue/purple almost indigo. 2.) Wear without top coat, and you can see a strong silver linear holo in the gorgeous brilliant purple base. Shown in 2 coats alone, also with Glisten & Glow's gloss and matte top coats.

Thoughts: This polish is absolutely beautiful, but I have to be honest with my personal review of it. I have seen and taken issue with this same purple base a couple times in the past. When a gloss top coat is added, the purple color bleeds. This completely changes the color and look of the polish, and leaves traces of purple behind on the top coat brush. Also, while it did not stain my natural nail, I tested it on clear builder gel, and it does indeed badly stain gel overlays and silicone mats. I'm unsure if it would stain acrylic or dipped nails. I’m also unsure if a water based top coat would change the look of the polish as I do not have one to test this, but I did see where Cheyenne of CDB Nails used a water based top coat for some of her swatches and it worked for her.

Find more from Glisten & Glow: glistenandglow.com


Glisten & Glow

Glitter Grabber

Price: $8.00 | No Cap

Description: Glisten & Glow Glitter Grabber is an amazing product that works to grab any extra texture that glitter or flakies can have. After applying your glitter or flakie polish and having let it dry fully, add a nice layer of Glisten & Glow Glitter Grabber on top. Allow that to fully dry and then add your glossy or matte top coat. Click here for a full list of benefits and ingredients in Glisten & Glow Glitter Grabber.

Thoughts: I did a quick comparison test with loose glitter, showing the use of Glitter Grabber vs 2 top coats. As always, Glitter Grabber got the job done, smoothing out the glitter texture while not sacrificing any holo or shine from the glitters. One coat of Glitter Grabber essentially equals out to two coats of top coat.

Find more from Glisten & Glow: glistenandglow.com


Heather's Hues

"Get Nekkid"

Price: $12.50 | No Cap

Inspiration: Candlelit bubble baths.

Description: "Get Nekkid" is a nude crelly with a red-pink-gold shimmer, holo flakes, and a mix of iridescent glitters. Shown in 3 coats, plus gloss and matte top coats.

Thoughts: This is a super sweet, sandy-peach toned shade that's actually a near perfect match to my skin tone. The formula applies easily, but is a touch on the thicker side. It’s not so thick that thinner is necessarily needed, however, this is more of a personal preference of consistency. Once swatched, the addition of a gloss top coat really makes the shimmers stand out and shine. The iridescent hex glitters are subtle but when they catch the light, they add beautiful visual texture. This polish is also very pretty when matte, having a delicate, soft look.

Find more from Heather's Hues: www.heathershues.com


Heather's Hues

WiTS Lotion scented in 'Skinny Dipping'

Price: $7.25 | 50 Cap

Description: "What is This Sorcery?" or "WiTS" Lotion is packed full of skin-loving, nourishing natural ingredients that absorb quickly and leave your skin ultra moisturized. The 'Skinny Dipping' scent is fresh and clean, made up of raw coconut, Mexican lime and Florida orange, with middle notes of lime blossom, coconut milk and jasmine, and bottom notes of vanilla, kukui and tropical musk.

Thoughts: As I've said before, WiTS has been my go-to lotion for years now! I always have a jar somewhere within reach. It absorbs quickly with a non-greasy formula, and provides intense hydration. A little goes a long way. I would highly recommend it. As for the scent, when smelling it in the jar alone, it smells just like when you walk into a tanning bed salon with coconut being at the forefront. I absolutely love that smell, as it triggers relaxing and calm thoughts for me. Once on the skin, the raw coconut scent settles a bit letting more fruity, tropical, and salty ocean notes come out.

Find more from Heather's Hues: www.heathershues.com



"Surreal Estate"

Price: $13.00 | 300 Cap

Inspiration: Maker Jennalyn's love of all things house hunting and her obsession with stalking houses on Zillow and Realtor.

Description: "Surreal Estate" is a green to blue to purple shitting magnetic multichrome with green to blue to purple to pink shifting UCC flakies and holo flakies. Shown in 3 thin coats, plus gloss and matte top coats. Also shown as a single finger swatch unmagnetized.

Thoughts: This is a stunning magnetic polish with somewhat of a galaxy feel to it! Application was super smooth and easily controlled with the magnetic effect being nice and strong. The flakes are a perfect touch for this polish, adding beautiful colors to the shift. This polish is also very wearable when unmagntetized and looks wonderful when both gloss and matte.

Find more from LynBDesigns: lynbdesigns.store


Moo Moo's Signatures

"Honk, Honk, Baby Bus!"

Price: $13.50 | 100 Cap

Inspiration: Maker Mei's baby girl putting a little green toy bus in her mouth.

Description: "Honk, Honk, Baby Bus!" is a medium pink with orange to gold to green chameleon shimmer, small green and neon pink glitters, green to blue UCC flakes, pink to gold to orange iridescent flakes, and holo flakes. Shown in 3 thin coats, plus gloss and matte top coats. Some may be able to reach opacity in only 2 coats.

Thoughts: This is such a pretty pink polish, filled with shifty flakes and strong shimmer. I love the overall look of it, with the pink and green color combo definitely giving me spring strawberry vibes. The formula is perfection, being both super smooth and easy to control. It is gorgeous with both matte and gloss top coats.

Find more from Moo Moo's Signatures: meimeisignatures.com


Night Owl Lacquer

"Lazy Days"

Price: $13.00 | No Cap

Inspiration: Maker Lindsay's favorite of all kinds of days, lazy days!

Description: "Lazy Days" is a blackened violet tinted base loaded with pink/gold/green shimmer. Shown in 3 thin coats, plus gloss and matte top coats.

Thoughts: This polish is absolutely stunning! The shimmers are incredibly shifty and dense. It applies beautifully with brush strokes not being an issue. It is very nice when matte, but it does take on a whole new look with the forefront purple-pink shift being much more pronounced.

Find more from Night Owl Lacquer: nightowllacquer.com


Pepper Pot Polish

"Mack 'n' Cheese"

Price: $11.00 | No Cap

Inspiration: Maker Mackenzie's love for queso in a can, and a good play on words!

Description: "Mack 'n' Cheese" is a vibrant neon-y yellow/orange with orange aurora and gold glitter of mixed sizes. Shown in 3 thin coats, plus gloss and matte top coats.

Thoughts: This polish absolutely makes me crave cheese! The super processed, can't be good for you kind. lol. Application was super smooth, being easy and controlled. I did have a bit of VNL at 3 thin coats, but I think the slight sheer nature of this polish works very well with the vibrant tone and scattered glitters. Even though this is a super bright and vibrant base, I had no noticeable staining left behind. Wonderful all around!

Find more from Pepper Pot Polish: pepperpotpolish.com


Again, all of these beautiful products and many more will be available to pre-order Friday, May 7th, at 11am Eastern through Monday, May 10th, at 11:59pm Eastern only at PolishPickup.com!

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Polish Pickup is a monthly pre-order sale offering nail polishes and other handmade items from your favorite indie makers based on a theme voted on by the community. The shop opens at 11am Eastern on the first Friday of the month, and closes at 11:59pm Eastern the following Monday. The website typically opens for preview/wishlisting the Sunday before the sale begins.

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*Products shown were provided as press samples in exchange for photos and feedback. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*

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