Polish Pickup "Candy Land" May 2020

*Products shown were provided as press samples in exchange for photos and feedback. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*

First Friday is certainly creeping up quick on us this month, and it looks like May is going to be filled to the brim with sweet treats! From the beautiful polishes, to the amazing scents, this month's Pickup offers a bit of something for every sweet tooth out there!

All of these beautiful products and many more will be available to pre-order Friday, May 1st, through Monday, May 4th, only at!


"Magically Delicious"

Price: $12.00 | 340 US Cap | 10 UK Cap

Inspiration: Delicious, colorful unicorn bark.

Description: "Magically Delicious" is a soft purple crelly with gold, royal blue, fuchsia, and green metallic flakes, orange, bright pink, violet, and baby blue holographic micro flakes, and micro gold metallic flakes. Shown here as 3 thin coats, plus Cuticula's Limitless Quick Dry Top Coat and Cloud Cover Matte Top Coat.

Thoughts: This polish applies very nicely in thin, even coats, distributing the flakes very naturally. It dries quickly with just a slight flakie texture which is smoothed out nicely with a single coat of top coat.

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The Power Couple

Price: $16.00 | No Cap

Description: The Power Couple is a duo featuring Limitless Quick Dry Top Coat and Mic Drop 3-in-1 Base Coat which work together to keep your mani long lasting and chip free! The Power Couple for this month is scented in ‘Sweet Escape,' a candied effervescent concoction of pink lemon, citron, candied strawberry and lime zest with loads of sugar cane followed with ripe berries.

》Some benefits of Limitless include: a 5 free formula that is non-smearing, non-shrinking, and dries to a rock hard finish.

Click here for a full list of benefits and ingredients of Limitless Quick Dry Top Coat.

》Some benefits of Mic Drop include: a 3-in-1 formula containing ridge filler, sticky, and strengthening base coats, and a quick drying 5 free formula.

Click here for a full list of benefits and ingredients of Mic Drop 3-in-1 Base Coat.

Thoughts: The 'Sweet Escape' scent is very sweet and fruity! Before reading the official scent description, I jotted down a few scent notes I experienced: citrus fruits, powdered sugar, a freshly opened sachet of lime kool aid. The scent seems to last for a few days, even with the extra hand washing as of late. I found the Mic Drop Base to apply easily and dry quickly, leaving a smooth yet slightly tacky surface. As for the Limitless Quick Dry Top Coat, consider me a new fan. I've always had bad luck with top coats shrinking, but this one left very minimal to no shrinking on me. Also, I'm just a beginner when it comes to stamping, but I was able to easily use the floating method to seal in the image without issue.

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Dollish Polish

"Where My Peeps At?"

Price: $12.50 | No Cap

Inspiration: Marshmallow Peeps

Description: "Where My Peeps At?" is a bright turquoise crelly with subtle indigo shimmer, and packed with hot pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple matte micro glitters. Shown here as 2 coats, plus gloss and matte top coats.

Thoughts: This polish does have a formula that sits on the thicker side, but it applies just fine. It also dries quickly and slightly textured, which is totally expected from a glitter crelly. A coat of top coats smooths it out nicely.

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Fair Maiden Polish

"Limey Bean"

Price: $11.00 | No Cap

Inspiration: Bright, neon green lemon-lime jelly beans.

Description: "Limey Bean" is a neon chartreuse packed with iridescent orange - green flake and shimmer. Shown here as 3 coats, plus gloss and matte top coats. Also shown is a single finger swatch of a single coat over white, plus gloss top coat.

Thoughts: One of my new favorite polishes right here! It is liquid highlighter in a bottle! Fair Maiden uses one of my personal favorite paddle brushes, so application is very easy and smooth with little to no clean up needed. While it's extremely bright on its own, if swatched over a white base, it jumps to being ultra bright! Apply 2 coats over white for ultimate brightness and added depth from the beautiful flakes and shimmer.

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Glisten & Glow

"Now and Later"

Price: $12.50 | 250 Cap | 15 Cap

Inspiration: Creator Jill's childhood love and memories of Now and Later candies.

Description: “Now and Later” is a white based glitter crelly packed with various size and shape glitters in pink, purple, red, yellow and neon green to match the fun Now and Later candy wrappers. Shown here as 2 coats, plus 2 coats of Glisten & Glow's Glossy Top Coat and Glisten & Glow's Matte Top Coat.

Thoughts: Glisten & Glow has a great formula for their glitter crellies! The base is somewhat thin, allowing for very easy, thin coat application while being absolutely jam packed with glitters. It does dry with a textured finish, so 2 coats of top coats is recommended to smooth it out. The glitter colors used here could not have been a more perfect match to the classic Now and Later wrappers! As with any crelly with large glitters, I highly suggest shaking the bottle between coats for optimal glitter distribution.

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Glisten & Glow

Cuticle Remover & Oil Pen Duo

Price: $12.00 | 180 US Cap | 15 UK Cap

Description: Glisten & Glow's Cuticle Care Pen Duo features their Cuticle Remover Pen and Cuticle Oil Pen scented in “Now and Later," a custom blend of strawberry, fruit punch, apple and grape. *Please note that the darker than normal color of the cuticle remover is due to the vanilla fragrance content as a base note of the scent.

》Glisten & Glow’s Cuticle Remover gently softens and removes excess cuticle as well as eponychium skin. It contains distilled water, potassium hydroxide, coconut oil and fragrance. Directions: Apply generously to the cuticle area and let sit for 60 seconds. Next, gently push back with your favorite tool. Finally, wash hands and cuticles thoroughly with soap and water.

》Glisten & Glow Cuticle Oil Pen is a custom blend of Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E oil, grapeseed oil, sweet almond oil, sunflower oil, argan oil, castor oil, acai berry extract, tea tree oil and fragrance oil. Directions: Apply liberally to cuticle area and underside of nail plate; it can be applied to the nail plate approx 2x’s daily.

Thoughts: The Now and Later scent is absolutely spot on, smelling like pure melted Now and Laters. The combination of the polish and cuticle oil will have you craving candy! The cuticle remover works wonderfully as always, leaving the cuticles renewed and not overly dry. The cuticle oil is great quality and provides long lasting nourishment when massaged into the cuticles.

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Heather's Hues

"Sugar Crush"

Price: $12.50 | No Cap

Inspiration: The amazing candy landscapes created by artist Pip and Pop.

Description: "Sugar Crush" is a dark turquoise to sheer light turquoise thermal packed with a rainbow of iridescent flakes. This thermal has a gradient-effect transition which feels more subtle than a color to color transition. It's great for those who stress about which color state a thermal could possibly die in because they're both turquoise! Shown here in 3 thin coats, plus gloss and matte top coats.

Thoughts: Loving this thermal! It applies very easily and dries quickly, being just as lovely when matte as when glossy. The flakes are simply stunning, providing for an opal-like finish. Its subtle shift from darker to lighter turquoise is a bit more apparent to the naked eye than on camera, however it is still very subtle for a thermal. If you've ever been nervous to try a thermal for any reason, this may just be a great place to start!

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Kathleen & Co.

"Swirly Twirly Taffy"

Price: $12.00 | No Cap

Inspiration: Bright, swirled cotton candy taffy.

Description: "Swirly Twirly Taffy" is a light neon teal blue crelly loaded with neon pink hex glitters in various sizes. Shown here in 3 thin coats, plus gloss and matte top coats. *Please note that the bottle shown here is mini-sized. You will receive a full-sized, 15ml bottle.

Thoughts: This polish is so bright and fun with the gorgeous, contrasting neon colors! It has a very nice, creamy formula that provides for easy, thin, and even coats. Coverage builds easily, with shorter nails more than likely only needing 2 coats for full opacity. As with any crelly with large glitters, I highly suggest shaking the bottle between coats for optimal glitter distribution.

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"Salty Bish"

Price: $12.00 | No Cap

Inspiration: Salt water taffy.

Description: "Salty Bish" is a pastel cornflower blue base with blue to purple to green and pink to blue to purple shifting flakies, pink to purple to gold shifting shimmer and holo micro flakies. Shown here as 3 coats, plus gloss and matte top coats.

Thoughts: I love the delicate look of this polish, along with the glowy flakes, and the beautiful holo sparks throughout. It also applies very smoothly and easily. Because the opacity builds, there is the option of a sheer look with a single coat, to full opacity with 3 coats.

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Night Owl Lacquer

"Candy Coated"

Price: $12.50 | No Cap

Inspiration: Brightly colored candy coatings.

Description: "Candy Coated" is a bright indigo crelly filled with iridescent color shifting crystal chameleon flakes. Shown here as 3 thin coats plus gloss and matte top coats.

Thoughts: Another perfect flakie bomb from Night Owl! With the first coat, the polish seemed to be rather sheer, but I was pleasantly surprised as the opacity built up beautifully. It dries with a very smooth finish which is like glass with a single top coat.

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Pi Colors

"Cream and Candy.001"

Price: $12.00 | 75 US Cap | 5 UK Cap

Inspiration: The Holiday Candy Cane House in London's Soho District.

Description: "Cream and Candy.001" is a pale minty green polish with pink, purple, green and gold colorshifting iridescent flakies, a dash of ucc flakies, and a green to violet colorshifting shimmer. Perfect for the spring weather. Shown here as 3 coats plus gloss and matte top coats, as well as a single coat over black plus gloss top coat.

Thoughts: I love the easy application of Pi Colors polishes! The wide brush is fantastic and allows for thin, smooth coats that dry quickly. This polish sits naturally on the sheer side, but it is perfect for those who want a delicate, soft look packed with iridescent goodness! The sheerness also allows for so many topabilities! (A word taken from Del's dictionary over at FatCat Pawlished!😉)

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Again, all of these products and many more will be available for pre-order Friday, May 1st, through Monday, May 4th, only at!

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*Products shown were provided as press samples in exchange for photos and feedback. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*


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