Polish Pickup "Aquatic Wonder" April 2020

*Products shown were provided as press samples in exchange for photos and feedback. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*

I hope everyone is doing well, given all the unforeseen circumstance we've been facing the past few weeks. Hopefully some of these beauties from the upcoming Polish Pickup can put a smile on your face!

All of these beautiful products and many more will be available Friday, April 3rd through Monday, April 6th, only at!

Dollish Polish

"Betta Cash Me Outside, How 'Bout Dat!"

Price: $13.00 | No Cap

Inspiration: The Halfmoon Betta Fish

Description: A cornflower blue with intense cobalt-turquoise-purple color shifting shimmer and holo, iridescent, and UCC micro flakes throughout. Shown here in 3 coats, plus gloss and matte top coats.

Thoughts: First thing's first... this name!! Dolly never fails when it comes to her meme-tastic names! This polish sits a bit on the thicker side, so I found it to apply easier in thicker or more normal coats, rather than thinner coats. It also dries very quickly. The dry finish is not textured, but adding a gloss top coat really makes it sparkle.

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Fair Maiden Polish


Price: $11.00 | No Cap

Inspiration: Corals in the state of bioluminescence

Description: An aqua base with shifts to violet and sea green, iridescent flakes that shift pink-gold-green and holo glitters. Shown here in 3 thin coats, plus gloss and matte top coats.

Thoughts: Fair Maiden has one of my favorite style paddle brushes, leaving little to no need for edge clean up. This polish applied smoothly and easily, with opacity building more and more with each coat. While "ghost flakes" aren't an official type of flake, if they are a real thing, I'd say this polish has them! The flakes tend to completely disappear at certain angles, but pop up and glow beautifully at others.

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Glisten & Glow

"Baby Shark Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo"

Price: $12.50 | No US Cap | 35 UK Cap

Inspiration: The song/video 'Baby Shark' that went viral!

Description: A medium bright blue crelly loaded with hex and dot glitters in various sizes of neon glitters in shades of pink, purple, red, orange, yellow, green, and blue. Shown here in 2 easy coats, plus 2 coats Glisten & Glow Top Coat and Glisten & Glow Matte Top Coat.

Thoughts: This polish is just to fun and summery! The formula is thin, but this allows the glitters to distribute themselves nice and evenly. Also, the glitters do not clump up when applying. I did find that the larger glitters like to settle, so I would recommend shaking in between coats.

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Glisten & Glow

Top Coat & Matte Top Coat Duo

Price: $14.50 | No Cap

Description: Glisten & Glow Top Coat is an award winning fast dry glossy top coat. Benefits include: 2-4 minutes or less drying time; durable and long lasting with days or weeks of no tip wear, or chipping; crystal clear, shiny, glossy "wet/gel like" finish; seals and evens glitters and flakie polishes; non smearing for stamping manis; glows under black light.

Glisten & Glow Matte Top Coat creates a beautiful matte finish. Benefits include: 5-7 minute dry time; smooth, velvet like finish; add over a dry layer of our glossy top coat for extended wear time; streak free and no white residue.

Thoughts: The gloss top coat is nice as usual. It does keep the same consistency throughout the bottle, and does not become thick or goopy like other top coats may. This is my first time using this Matte Top Coat. The finish is quite nice, and definitely has no white specks or residue like other matte top coats can leave behind.

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Heather's Hues

"Th-axolotl Cuteness"

Price: $12.50 | No Cap

Inspiration: An adorable little amphibian: the axolotl!

Description: A peachy pink crelly packed with iridescent flakes and shimmer in red/orange/pink and a hint of peach microflakes. Shown here in 2 easy coats, plus gloss and matte top coats.

Thoughts: I love love love this polish! The color is just so charming and is perfect for both spring and summer. It applies beautifully smooth with the flakes laying nice and flat. I wore it on my Cindy (right) hand for 6 full days and experienced no chipping, just light tip wear.

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"I See Your Anemone, and I Raise You A Clownfish"

Price: $12.00 | No Cap

Inspiration: Nemo from Finding Nemo

Description: A orange (cool) to white (warm) thermal with red/gold aurora shimmer and tons of red to gold to green shifting iridescent flakes ad a hint of holo sparkle. Shown here in 3 thin coats, plus gloss and matte top coats.

Thoughts: This polish is perfect for summer! I would definitely say the cool state leans more towards neon coral than pure orange. I found it to apply smoothly and easily, and transition just as easily. Also, pictures just don't do the glowing shimmer in this polish justice. It is stunning in person. Coral tones can be very hard to capture correctly on camera and tend to require some editing to correctly show them, so I did color correct my photos to show the correct color tone of the polish.

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Night Owl Lacquer

"Rainbow Bite"

Price: $12.50 | No Cap

Inspiration: The Albino Rainbow Shark

Description: An off-white crelly with a gold/green shimmer, copper sparks and tons of copper/red/green/gold crystal chameleon flakes. Shown in 3 thin coats, plus gloss and matte top coats.

Thoughts: Another perfect flakie bomb from Night Owl! This polish and all its beautiful flakes self-level nicely, leaving a smooth natural finish. The color of this polish is super unique and really showcases the shifty flakes so well. It applied very easily with no clean up or touch ups needed.

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Again, all of these products and many more will be available Friday, April 3rd through Monday, April 6th, only at!

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*Products shown were provided as press samples in exchange for photos and feedback. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*

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