PI Colors Honey Collection

*Products shown were provided as press samples in exchange for photos and feedback. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*

PI Colors is releasing a collection of bath products, cuticle care products and nail polishes all inspired by sweet, delicious honey! This collection is filled with top shelf products, all beautifully luscious. I enjoyed testing and using every single one of the products included. Below, you'll find my individual pricing information, descriptions, and my personal thoughts on each of the products included in the Honey Collection. The entire collection will be available as a bundle for only $34.00! This is an absolute bargain and well worth it for all the awesome products shown here! This collection will be available on Wednesday, March 18th, only at www.picolors.com.


Let me touch on the scented items first. The honey scent of these items is just so warm and not overly sweet as it does not smell of processed honey, but rather fresh, raw honey with floral hints of the flowers used to make it. The same (or at least very similar) warm honey scent is shared between all the bath and body items in the collection. When it comes to scented items, I like to ask my boyfriend his thoughts, not only to get a man's opinion, but also for the fact that if I'm using it, he's smelling it too. lol. The fresh honey scent seemed to spark memories of his childhood, reminding him of his grandmother's house and the fresh jar of honey, with the comb still in it, that would sit on his grandmother's breakfast table. This perfectly fits the scent notes of these products, as it they are just so very warm and welcoming.


"Honeycomb Delight" Bar Soap

Price: $6.50 per 5oz bar. (Bars are hand cut, so weights may vary slightly.)

Description: This is a silky cream colored soap, with a hidden mica line. This soap has warm and delightful scent of rich honey, featuring a sweet and smoky mix of mimosa, bergamot, honey, dried fruit, rose, cream, amber, and musk, with a hint of sweet clover, honeysuckle and vanilla. This cold process soap contains wonderful cocoa butter and sweet almond oil for a lovely conditioning but clean feel.

Thoughts: This is the creamiest, softest bar soap I've ever used! It has a beautiful, rich lather with a silky texture that leaves your skin feeling freshly moisturized. Not only that, but it has my whole bathroom smelling like warm, fresh honey.


Honey Whipped Soap Sugar Scrub

Price: $6.00 per 4oz jar

Description: This decadent whipped soap sugar scrub is perfect for a little shower pampering! No need for additional soap, you can use this scrub for gentle exfoliation with luxurious bubbles and cleansing action. We packed with scrub with 100% cane sugar, avocado oil, jojoba oil and sweet almond oil to give your skin an at home spa experience. Scented with a deep, rich honey and cream fragrance.

Thoughts: Just like the bar soap, this leaves the skin feeling nice and moisturized, but the sugar just adds so much! Before adding water, the sugar works to exfoliate any dead or dry skin. After adding water, this whipped soap turns into a wonderful, hydrating lather that leaves the hands feeling soft and refreshed.


Honey Scented Cuticle Butter

Price: $5.00 per 1oz jar

Description: Taking care of our cuticles is necessary for good nail bed care! This lovely soft solid butter melts into the skin and carries a wonderful scent of honey and blossoms. This cuticle butter is made from a mixture of shea, cocoa and mango organic butters with several natural, healing oils for your hands. Use everyday, after hand washing and more on your nails and cuticles to keep them hydrated plus improve appearance and texture.

Thoughts: This cuticle butter literally melts into the skin, turning into a silky, luxurious oil on skin contact. A little bit of this stuff goes a long way! I put this butter to the test, using it after a morning of cleaning and dish washing when my hands were beyond dry. I found that it instantly brought my hands back to a nourished, moisturized state. This product does have a low melting point, so I do suggest storing it in a cool place to keep it in its solid "butter" form prior to use.


Honey Scented Cuticle Oil Pen

Price: $5.00 per 3ml pen

Description: Cuticle oil helps keep your nails healthy, plus naturally strong, supple and smooth. Our cuticle oil is made from a mixture of 100% pure natural oils, with jojoba and tamanu being the primary ingredients. This oil comes in the same delicious honey scent as in our cuticle butter.

Thoughts: Very nice as far as oil pens go. The oil is slow absorbing, which I find to be a good thing for oils. It does massage into the cuticles nicely though. I also found the scent to be very long lasting. I used the oil well before going to bed and found my hand to still smell of fresh honey the following morning.


"Honey Bee.060"

Price: $9.00 per 15ml bottle

Description: This golden topper has a clear base and is heaped with orange/gold/pink color shifting flakes and golden shimmer. Perfect over a variety of colors. Shown here in 3 stand alone coats, plus gloss and matte top coats, 1 coat over black, white, brown, tan leaning nude, pink leaning nude, and purple leaning grey. *Note: This item is not scented.*

Thoughts: Application is smooth and easy. Again, I love the wide brush used by PI Colors. I did find that this topper shows better over darker shades, but it honestly looks great over anything! I love the unique flake “shreds” included in it. They mimic holo flakes, and therefore stand out beautifully over darker tones.


"Honey Milk.060"

Price: $9.00 per 15ml bottle

Description: This gorgeous topper has a pale cream base the color of white beeswax and is packed full of orange/gold/pink color shifting flakes and golden shimmer. Wear it on its own or layer over another color for unique look. Shown here in 3 stand alone coats, plus gloss and matte top coats, 1 coat over black, white, brown, tan leaning nude, pink leaning nude, and purple leaning grey. *Note: This item is not scented.*

Thoughts: This has a buttery smooth formula with very easy application. I found it to show better over lighter toned shades, as the milky formula is much easier to distribute evenly over these lighter tones. For example, over white, it adds a beautiful antiqued, warmness.


Again, this amazing collection will be available both as individual items and as a bundle for only $34.00 starting on Wednesday, March 18th, at www.picolors.com. I truly love the products shown here. They are just so rich and luxurious. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

*Products shown were provided as press samples in exchange for photos and feedback. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*

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