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*Products shown were provided as press samples in exchange for photos and feedback. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*

August's Hella Handmade Creations shop is open for preview, and filled with this month's beautiful offerings of which I have five here to share with you! August's pre-order sale starts on Saturday, August 14th, and ends the following Saturday, August 21st. These polishes, plus even more goodies will only be available at hellahandmadecreations.com.


BCB Lacquers

"Menagerie Galaxy"

Price: $13.00 | 100 Cap

Theme/Fandom: Galaxies, specifically inspired this month by a blue glowing galactic menagerie, aka a collection or cluster of galaxies consisting of all different types, shapes, and sizes.

Description: "Menagerie Galaxy" is a sapphire blue polish with violet shimmer, red shimmer, green/gold micro flakes and a touch of holo. Shown in 2 coats, plus gloss and matte top coats.

Thoughts: This polish is such a perfect sapphire blue with a beautiful dusting of sparkling holo and green micro flakes. It has such a wonderful formula, being nearly a single coater. Adding a gloss top coat really makes the sparkles in this polish pop, but I'm also a big fan of it when matte as well.

Find more from BCB Lacquers: bcblacquers.com


Cuticula Nail Lacquer


Price: $12.50 | No Cap

Theme/Fandom: Disney Parks, specifically inspired this month by Halloween time at Disneyland.

Description: "Spellbinding" is a deep blurple jelly base with orange shifting glass flakes and purple shiny metallic flakes. Shown here in 2 coats, plus Cuticula's Limitless and Cloud Cover top coats.

Thoughts: This may be the most blurpley of blurple polishes I’ve ever seen! The base is so deep and rich, being packed with metallic flakes that catch the light beautifully to throw sparks of purple and blue. The shifty orange flakes take on gold tones as well, making this the perfect polish for the upcoming football season for any LSU or Baltimore Ravens fans! Application was super smooth and easy, quickly building to opacity. While this is wonderful with a gloss top coat, I absolutely fell in love with it when matte!

Find more from Cuticula: shopcuticula.com


Heather's Hues

"I'm Sorry Aunt Lydia"

Price: $12.50 | No Cap

Theme/Fandom: The Handmaid's Tale, specifically inspired this month by a powerful moment of defiance when confronted with a gruesome task.

Description: "I'm Sorry Aunt Lydia" is a muted smoky lavender with pink-gold-green shimmer, red-pink-orange-gold iridescent flakes, violet-pink-gold-green and blue-gold-green multichrome flakes, and a hint of small neon pink glitters. Shown here in 2 coats, plus gloss and matte top coats.

Thoughts: This is a lovely shade of lavender that is perfect for fall! It has a great mix of flake, shimmer, and glitter, with none really overpowering the other. I truly love the sprinkle of tiny pink glitters in this. They may be small, but they add so much! Application is smooth and easy, and while coverage seems sheer from the first coat, the second coat builds to opacity quickly. Adding a matte top coat kind of muddied this one up a bit, so I would personally stick to a gloss top coat for it.

Find more from Heather's Hues: heathershues.com



"Fashion Armadillo"

Price: $13.00 | 100 Cap

Theme/Fandom: Animal Magnetism, this month inspired by armadillos!

Description: "Fashion Armadillo" is a darkened rusty black based magnetic with red to yellow shift, linear holo, and holo flakies. Shown in 2 coats magnetized, plus gloss and matte top coats. Also shown in 2 coats as a single finger swatch unmagnetized, plus gloss top coat.

Thoughts: I’m loving this mix of linear holo and holo flakes along with the shifty magnetic pigment in this polish! The formula is great, being easily controlled when applying. Also, it has very nice opacity, only needing 2 coats for full coverage. The magnetic effect is strong, shifty and holds quite well. I applied a normal first coat, then magnetized the second coat holding the magnet for a full 60 seconds per nail. I held the magnet over each nail for a full 60 seconds after applying the top coat as well. When unmagnetized, this polish appears to be more brown and gold toned rather than black.

Find more from LynBDesigns: lynbdesigns.store


Night Owl Lacquer


Price: $12.00 | No Cap

Theme/Fandom: Night Owl is starting up a new series this month with polishes inspired by the TV show Psych, specifically inspired this month by the classic green and white logo.

Description: "Psych" is a bright green crelly with various white glitters and lime/gold iridescent micro glitter. Shown in 3 coats, plus gloss and matte top coats.

Thoughts: This is such a bright, bold, and fun glitter crelly! The formula is wonderful, applying smoothly and easily, with the glitters of each coat creating beautiful depth. Some may reach opacity in only 2 coats, but I found the glitter payoff to be best with 3 coats. I used to love Psych back in the day, so I'm excited to see what beautiful new shades this new theme will bring!

Find more from Night Owl Lacquer: nightowllacquer.com


Again, these beauties along with many others will be available for pre-order August 14th - 21st only at hellahandmadecreations.com!


About Hella Handmade Creations

Hella Handmade Creations (HHC) is a monthly collaborative pre-order sale headquartered in Hawaii, featuring an array of Indie makers from around the globe. Participating makers select a theme or fandom of their choice that inspires them to create a brand new, exclusive product each month. The HHC shop always opens 12:01am Eastern on the 14th day of the month and closes at 11:59 Hawaiian on the 21st day of the month. Shipping typically starts around 4 weeks after the sale ends, but orders are shipped as soon as all items of the order are received.

For more information, check out the FAQs: hellahandmadecreations.com/pages/shipping-q-as

*Products shown were provided as press samples in exchange for photos and feedback. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*

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