Heather's Hues Monthly Duo July 2020

*Products shown here were provided to me as press samples in exchange for photos and feedback. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*


First off, I apologize for being a bit late with these. Life has decided to come at me hard and fast this week, and left me with a few things I had to handle before I could sit down and get this together. BUT! With that being said, it is officially July!! And you know what that means... Another stunning duo from Heather's Hues! For July's Monthly Duo, Heather tasked the Hue-t-pies to submit photos fitting the theme "Hot & Cold!" The polishes created have perfectly captured the inspirations of a hot summer sunset at the beach and ice cold fruity treats!

In case you're new to the Monthly Duo, each month Heather tasks the members of her Facebook fan group, the Hue-t-pies, to submit photos fitting a theme of her choice. The photos are whittled down to 10, then the group votes for their favorite 2 photos to inspire Heather to create something new and special for that month. Join in on the fun for next month, and peep at the inspiration photos for these by joining us in the Facebook group here: www.facebook.com/groups/HeathersHueTpies

[Note: In order to avoid any sort of copyright issues with the inspiration photos, I will not be posting them here.]


"Crash Into Me"

Price: $12.50

Description: "Crash Into Me" is a deep sea green with an iridescent orange-gold-green-aqua shimmer and a touch of iridescent flakes in orange-green-gold-blue. Shown here in 3 thin coats, plus gloss and mate top coats. Also shown as a single coat over black, plus gloss top coat.

Thoughts: This really couldn't be more perfect for the inspiration photo! The shimmers are super shifty and absolutely stunning. The jelly base allows for so many options with layering and coats. I opted for 3 thin coats to show opacity, but if you like a little VNL through your jelly shimmers, 2 coats will be perfect for you. The tealy-green base also allows for beautiful layering over creme bases. I have it shown over black in a single finger swatch, but this kind of polish is so fun to experiment with other bases as well.


"Taste the Rainbow"

Price: $12.50

Description: "Taste the Rainbow" is a dusty blue-grey crelly packed with a mix of rainbow glitters and flakes and kissed with a touch of scattered holo and holo flake. Shown here in 2 coats, plus gloss and matte top coats.

Thoughts: Another perfect interpretation of the inspiration! All the fruity colored glitters and flakes in metallic and matte finishes are beautifully displayed in the blue-grey base which is reminiscent of a blueberry creme! Mmm... This polish seemed a bit thicker than Heather's normal crellies, but upon thinking about it, "Crash Into Me" seem a touch thicker than normal as well. I'm beginning to strongly believe that our 90+ degree weather between Heather's Hues HQ in North Carolina and my home here in Georgia may have played a factor when shipping. Summer weather can definitely affect the consistency of polishes, but it's nothing a few drops of thinner can't fix if you experience the same thing.


These beauties will be available throughout the month of July only at HeathersHues.com!

*Products shown here were provided to me as press samples in exchange for photos and feedback. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*

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