Heather's Hues Monthly Duo February 2020

*Products shown here were provided to me as press samples

in exchange for photos and feedback. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*


It's so hard to believe we're already over a month into this new decade! But with every new month comes a new duo from Heather's Hues! For this month's duo, Heather tasked the Hue-t-pies to submit photos fitting the theme of "What a Pair!" You can pick up both of these beauties right now, individually or together, at HeathersHues.com!

In case you're new to the Monthly Duo, each month Heather tasks the members of her Facebook fan group, the Hue-t-pies, to submit photos fitting a theme of her choice. The photos are whittled down to 10, then the group votes for their favorite 2 photos to inspire Heather to create something new and special for that month. Join in on the fun for next month, and peep at the inspiration photos for these by joining us in the Facebook group here: www.facebook.com/groups/HeathersHueTpies

[Note: In order to avoid any sort of copyright issues with the inspiration photos, I will not be posting them here.]


"Fire & Water"

Price: $13.00

Description: "Fire & Water"is a super-reactive thermal that's dark blue when cold and pale gray when warm. It's jam-packed with red-blue-purple, red-orange-gold, and purple-red-orange multichrome flakes, orange-pink-gold iridescent flakes, and a touch of OGUP and iridescent red-orange-gold shimmer. Shown here in 3 very thin coats, plus gloss and matte top coats.

Thoughts: Heather makes wonderful thermals, and this one is no exception. I found it to apply super smooth and easily, and to transition into the warm state very easily. I am a human ice cube, so thermals like to sit in the cold state on me, but I was able to wear this for a couple days out in the wild. I found it to naturally sit in the gray warm state majority of the time, with the tips sitting nicely in the beautiful deep blue of the cold state.



Price: $11.00

Description: "DnD" is a shimmery sheer periwinkle packed with a mix of iridescent flakes in aqua-blue-purple-pink, blue-purple iridescent hex microglitters, as well as a hint of gold microshreds and gold holo microglitters. Shown here in 3 coats, plus gloss and matte top coats. Also shown as a single coat over black.

Thoughts: This polish is such a beautiful shade and is filled with goodies! It applies like a typical flakie bomb, but the flakes lay beautifully smooth and flat. Also, the lighter shade combined with the dense iridescent flakes make this polish a perfect candidate to topping your favorite creme base. The black creme base shown here is "Shadow" from Heather's Hues. She gifted me with a bottle to try out, and, y'all, it's a true single-coater with a beautiful, silky smooth formula!! I highly recommend it as well.


These beauties will be available throughout the month of February only at HeathersHues.com!


*Products shown here were provided to me as press samples

in exchange for photos and feedback. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*

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